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Do you need roof maintenance, repair, or replacement on your commercial building in Brampton? Our top roofing contractors specialize in flat and commercial roofing upkeep, including metal roofs, waterproof coating, and modern durable synthetic membranes. We employ the latest technology and adhere to the best industry practices in all our roofing projects. We are also available for emergency roof repair.

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. Our company has the vision of becoming the number one go-to commercial roofing experts in the Brampton area. We work towards this goal with the professional philosophy of absolute reliability, transparency, and excellent service. We invite you to check out some of our past projects and read reviews by satisfied clients.

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Need commercial roof maintenance or repair in Brampton? Think it might be time for a new roof? Our roofing company is here at your service with a professional, experienced team, the most advanced roofing technology, and competitive prices. With us, you always know your roof is in good hands.

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Flat roof inspection

Getting your roof inspected at least once a year is vital to maintaining the quality of your roof. One of our roofing experts will examine your business’s roof for signs of wear and tear or damage, then schedule a time to fix any issues before they become major problems.

Flat roof maintenance

Roofs need regular maintenance, just like the equipment found in your business. Missing shingles, leaks, or holes may result in expensive issues down the road. We offer premium commercial flat roof maintenance services that will keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Flat roof replacement

Every roof needs to be replaced eventually, but flat roof replacement doesn’t need to be a big ordeal. We’ll replace your commercial roofing in as little as one day, and we always make sure your business can carry on as usual during the process.

Flat roof repair

Have you noticed roof damage, loose or missing shingles, or other roofing issues on your commercial building? Give Top Roofing Contractors Inc. a call to schedule a free repair estimate. We can often fix your commercial roofing problems within a day.

Emergency roof repair

If your roof is seriously damaged during a heavy storm or other inclement weather, we can get there fast and provide reliable emergency roof repair. We offer emergency services, so you don’t have to wait until morning to get things fixed.   

Roof leak repair

Commercial roof leaks are often frustrating, especially when they occur in areas that are seen by your customers or clients. Our team offers quick and easy roof leak repair services in the Greater Toronto Area and can arrive at a time that is convenient for you.

Commercial Services

Commercial Roof Inspection

A timely roof inspection can catch undetected, potentially serious issues, forestall the need for heavy emergency repairs, and prevent business disruption – saving you both money and aggravation. At a minimum, you should order an annual inspection, preferably during the fall or at the beginning of the winter, when your roof is about to undergo heavy-duty exposure to storms, hail, and snow.  

When the professionals of Quality Roofers arrive to perform an inspection on your building, they will do a thorough job based on their industry experience of commercial roofs. Most commercial roofs are flat and thus prone to problems such as water pooling, debris accumulation, and leaks along seam lines. Once the inspection is done, our roofing expert will give you a detailed report with recommendations for future maintenance or repair.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Proper maintenance and drain cleaning are vital for preserving commercial roofs’ structural integrity for many years to come. To ensure that your roof is always in optimal repair, we recommend Quality Roofers’ regular maintenance services. With timely maintenance, you won’t have to worry about issues that may go unnoticed and ultimately cause serious problems, such as:

  • Ponding water – always a perennial tendency of flat roofs
  • Leaks and lingering moisture
  • Buckling in roof membrane
  • Cracking due to excessive pressure

When you opt for pre-scheduled maintenance, you will no longer be at risk of missing a critical issue because you forgot to book an appointment. Quality Roofers will ensure your roof is always in optimal repair and diagnose any problems that require immediate attendance.

Commercial Roof Repair Services

All roofs need repairs from time to time – and the good news is that commercial roofs are generally flat and thus more easily accessible to work crews. 

Many building owners delay roof maintenance and repair until obvious problems, such as leaks, appear. Far from being cost-effective, this approach increases roof repair expenses and may reduce roof life expectancy. The roofing system will deteriorate long before problems show themselves – deck damage or worn-down insulation are typical examples. With regular maintenance and preventative repairs, you will avoid roof emergencies and water damage that may compromise your entire building.

Common problems that indicate a commercial flat roof needs repair include:

  • Alligatoring: A phenomenon in asphalt roofs that occurs with time, once the asphalt loses its elasticity and starts to form cracks and bubbles.
  • Leaks and moisture: Since a commercial flat roof has little to no slope, any compromise in the roof’s integrity will result in water seeping through. 
  • Flashing pulling away: This is caused by roof expansion and reduction due to temperature fluctuations.


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We love our customers but most importantly, we love to make our customers happy. There's nothing ore satisfying than a customers who love their new roof.

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Look no further! Very happy that I found this roofing company to repair metal work on our house that was in need of repair. Top quality work at a very reasonable price and I would strongly recommend anyone in GTA. You will not be disappointed!!!



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Commercial Roof Replacement

Every roof will eventually reach a point when repairs are no longer cost-effective, and replacement is in order. Modern commercial roofing options include:

  • Gravel and bitumen: A popular, inexpensive solution for commercial flat roofs. However, it requires regular maintenance for optimal life expectancy. This type of roof usually lasts 15-30 years.
  • Elastomeric membrane: This simple and effective solution will give you a roof that is resistant to weather extremes and requires comparatively little maintenance. If you opt for white material, it will cost you a bit more, but you’ll potentially save on air conditioning as it will reflect the rays of the sun. Its life expectancy is 25 to 35 years.  
  • EPDM and TPO: These are environmentally friendly, relatively inexpensive materials that may remain functional for up to 30 years with proper maintenance. It’s important to clean the roof surface once a year and remove any sharp debris. 
  • Green roofs: This is an aesthetically pleasing, attractive option for urban buildings, but is relatively costly and high-maintenance. These can last up to 50 years.

Whatever roofing option you choose, Quality Roofers will ensure you get the best quality.


How do I know if my business needs a new roof?

Replacing a roof is a significant investment, but when you calculate the accumulated cost of repairs that grow less and less effective with time, a new roof may be the most cost-effective solution for your business. The experts at Quality Roofers will perform an assessment and give you a detailed report of your roof’s condition, along with repair or replacement solutions. 

In general, you may need to replace your roof if:

  • Your existing roof is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • A roof inspection has revealed severe sagging and ponding.
  • There are large rips or tears in the roof material or seams.
Do I need to tear off my existing roof?

In some cases, it may be possible to re-roof. Re-roofing is installing a new roof over an existing one. Generally, this is an option if the existing roof is in relatively decent condition and does not pose a structural hazard. However, tearing off the existing roof will be inevitable if:

  • Your building has already been re-roofed in the past. Most local authorities do not permit a building to have over two roofing layers.
  • Your old roof is structurally compromised, damaged, or unstable.
What type of roof should I choose for my commercial building?

The answer to this question would depend on what your priorities are. If you want a functional, weather-resistant, low-maintenance roof, you might want to go for elastomeric membrane. Or maybe you would prefer the environmentally friendly, affordable solution of EPDM and TPO. Or, if you want to up-scale your office building and have some extra budget for installation and maintenance, you might opt for a striking and attractive green roof that will provide a relaxing place filled with vegetation in an urban setting. 

How much will it cost to install a new roof?

The cost of your new roof will depend on many factors such as size, the materials you choose for your roofing system, roof access for the working team, and whether your old roof needs tearing down. In broad terms, you may expect to pay within the range of $8.5 to $15 per square foot of flat roof.

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