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Your roof protects your building and provides insulation during winter and summer. With Markham’s continental climate, freezing winters, and warm, humid summers, your roof should always be in top condition. We have been in the roof service industry for many years. We offer professional commercial and residential roofing services in Markham. With our roofing maintenance, repair, and installation services, we ensure that your roof is providing your building with sufficient protection while withstanding exposure against the elements.

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As a roofing company serving Markham, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to provide roofing services according to local safety and building regulations. With more than twenty years in the industry, we have all the technical know-how, experience, and equipment to provide you with a customized and effective roofing solution. 

Any roofing project is a sizable investment, and working with a professional roofing company is critical to ensure the best outcomes and the highest return on your investment. Get our roofing company, Quality Roofer, onboard to take care of your project. Call us today to receive a free quote.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are almost always an excellent choice for your home because they come in a vast array of colors, styles, and price-points. Also known as a “forever roof,” choosing a durable roof made of metal can have a
variety of benefits for your home.

Shingles roofs

If you want the very best in high-value roofing, slate is still the way to go. As experienced roofing contractors, our team wholeheartedly recommends slate roofs to a vast number of our customers due to safety, energy efficiency and aesthetically pleasing appearances.

Gable roofs

Gable roofs will easily shed water and snow, provide more space for the attic or vaulted ceilings and allow more ventilation. Their simple design makes them easier and cheaper to build. Gable roofs can be problematic, however,  in high wind and hurricane-prone areas.

Steel roofing

While historic homes may still use traditional roofing, modern steel and/or metal roofing is a great option for home and business owners looking for quality roofing that offers corrosion resistance and a pop of color.

Flat roofs

Has your roof seen better days? Dealing with constant leaks? Putting off roof repairs can be a costly mistake. If your roof is in poor condition, it leaves your home exposed to a serious damage.

Eavestroughs cleaning

It’s essential to have your eavestroughs cleaned at least a few times a year. Our team provides expert eavestrough cleaning services that not only free your eavestroughs of debris and water but protect your roof from damages.

Commercial Roofing

We’ll provide a free repair or replacement estimate, discuss which roofing options would be best for your property, and schedule a convenient time to fix or completely replace your roof. Call us today.

Slate Roofs

We provide the best slate roof installation in the Greater Toronto area. With over 20 years of roofing expertise, we’re the perfect choice to install high-quality slate roofs for your home or commercial property.

Roof Repair

Repairs are essential when it comes to a longer-lasting roof. Catching issues early, when roof repair service is still a minor task, can save you a lot of money. Our team is trained to provide professional repair services.

Convenient Roofing Installation Services

Roof installations form an integral part of any roofing company’s operations. At Top Roofing Contractors Inc., we go the extra mile to ensure that we make this process as quick and convenient as possible while maintaining the highest service standards.

You may need our roofing installation service during the construction of a new building or if your old roof requires a replacement. The average roof has a lifespan of twenty to thirty years, but you will not need to get a replacement if your old roof is still fully functional.

However, if your roofing materials are deteriorating and your roof repair costs are ramping up, we recommend contacting us to get a professional replacement estimate for your home or business in Markham. Our roofing projects will always include a thorough assessment to determine if a replacement is necessary.

Please give us a call to learn more about our roofing installation solution and get a free estimate.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance to Save Costs

Our roofing company offers a professional and routine roof inspection and maintenance service to Markham residences and businesses. Our roofing service’s objective is to assess the condition of your roof and prevent costly future defects. With regular roofing maintenance, you can also extend your roof’s lifespan by as much as ten years or more.

During roofing maintenance, our technicians will get on your roof and inspect all components, including your roofing materials, chimney, skylights, flashing, and valleys. We will also review your gutter system to prevent rainwater accumulation in the valleys and segment joints.

If your roof is older than twenty years, this service is critical to ensure that your roof still offers optimal insulation and protection against the elements. After each inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report recommending the best course of action to address any issues.

Please call today for a professional roofing maintenance service or an estimate for your roofing project.

Around-the-Clock Roof Repair Services

If you have an emergency – for example, a tree has fallen on your roof, or the wind has lifted your roof tiles – you can call our roofing company, even after business hours. Our roofing company is one of the best and most responsive emergency repair services in the Greater Toronto Area.

When you call our office, our technicians will immediately come to your property and carry out essential roofing repairs to prevent further damage. We will then arrange to come back during the day and repair your roof to restore its appearance and function.

As a roofing company with more than twenty years’ experience, we can address any roofing defect. Our roofing repair services include:

  • Roof leak repairs
  • Replacing broken tiles
  • Flashing and facia board replacements
  • Water- and damp proofing

Give our company office a call for all roof repair services.


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    We love our customers but most importantly, we love to make our customers happy. There's nothing ore satisfying than a customers who love their new roof.

    Thank you so much Top Roofing Contractors for the great service! The roof looks beautiful and the service was beyond our expectations.



    Look no further! Very happy that I found this roofing company to repair metal work on our house that was in need of repair. Top quality work at a very reasonable price and I would strongly recommend anyone in GTA. You will not be disappointed!!!



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    Consulting Services to Help You Make Informed Decisions

    Even after owning a property for many years, you may not have extensive knowledge of roofing components or installation processes. Property owners often find roofing projects overwhelming since they feel they don’t know enough to make calculated decisions.

    When you work with our company, we will take you through the roofing installation or repair process step-by-step. We will also consult with you throughout the process and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Our team has many years’ experience in the roofing industry, and we can provide you with all the practical information you need.


    What roofing materials do you install?

    As a professional roofing company serving Markham, we offer a complete range of roofing materials. The commercial roofing materials we supply and install include:

    • Metal roofing, including corrugated galvanized steel
    • Built-up roofing membrane
    • Green roofing
    • Thermoset EPDM roof membrane
    • Thermoplastic roof membrane
    • Spray-on silicon
    • Shingle roofing

    With residential roofing, you get the following options:

    • Eco-friendly green roofs
    • Wood or cedar shingles
    • Three-tab asphalt shingles
    • Metal roof shingles
    • Synthetic slate tile shingles
    • Concrete or clay tiles

    We supply tiles, shingles, and shakes of the highest quality from reputable suppliers. Call us today to get a quote on new roofing materials.

    How often should I schedule roof maintenance?

    We recommend that you schedule a roof inspection and maintenance twice per year. Fall and spring are the best seasons for maintenance, as you will have peace of mind that your roof is in sound condition for winter and summer.

    You should also schedule roof maintenance for your home or business after inclement weather. Hail, wind, snow, and rain can damage your roof without your knowledge, and an inspection and maintenance service will prevent moisture damage and structural issues.

    Should I repair or replace my roof?

    When deciding between a roof repair and replacement, the age of your roof’s deck, support structures, and materials are significant.

    Generally, if your roof is older than thirty years, a replacement is the more cost-effective option, especially if you are spending a bunch on repairs and maintenance. You should also consider replacing a roof that no longer offers sufficient insulation.

    If your roof is less than twenty years old and the defect is an isolated or one-time occurrence, a repair service is typically sufficient. When the deck and support structures are still intact, but the materials are worn or damaged, a reroofing service is best, which only requires the replacement of the materials.

    Can I live in my home during a roof installation?

    Whether you can stay in your home during a roof installation depends on the extent of the project. We recommend that you stay elsewhere during a roof installation that involves the replacement of all roofing materials, deck, and structural support. However, during a partial reroof, it may not be necessary to leave your home. 

    After determining the project scope, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

    How long does a roof replacement take?

    The first thing customers want to know is how long the project will take. A roof replacement or installation can be inconvenient, and, understandably, property owners want us to finish the project as soon as possible.

    Several factors determine the project’s duration, including the size and steepness of the roof, weather conditions, and the roofing material in question. Before starting the roof replacement, we will give you an estimated time of completion to plan accordingly.

    If you have any further questions about roofing, please don’t hesitate to call and talk to us today. We’re happy to help you learn more about your roof.

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