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Toronto has quickly become one of the most significant commercial areas in Canada, and our top roofers have kept up with this growing commerce through our expert commercial roofing services. You can trust our decades of experience to provide your business with the best roofing services in the GTA, as we always adhere to the highest professional standards. Whether your commercial roof has minor damage that needs repair, or you are looking to replace your roof entirely, we’ll serve your company as efficiently as possible to ensure that business can carry on as usual during our services. We value the goals of your company, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure roofing issues don’t prevent you from reaching those goals. Call us today to hear more about our commercial roofing services and schedule a free estimate.

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Flat roof inspection

Getting your roof inspected at least once a year is vital to maintaining the quality of your roof. One of our roofing experts will examine your business’s roof for signs of wear and tear or damage, then schedule a time to fix any issues before they become major problems.

Flat roof maintenance

Roofs need regular maintenance, just like the equipment found in your business. Missing shingles, leaks, or holes may result in expensive issues down the road. We offer premium commercial flat roof maintenance services that will keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Flat roof replacement

Every roof needs to be replaced eventually, but flat roof replacement doesn’t need to be a big ordeal. We’ll replace your commercial roofing in as little as one day, and we always make sure your business can carry on as usual during the process.

Flat roof repair

Have you noticed roof damage, loose or missing shingles, or other roofing issues on your commercial building? Give Top Roofing Contractors Inc. a call to schedule a free repair estimate. We can often fix your commercial roofing problems within a day.

Emergency roof repair

If your roof is seriously damaged during a heavy storm or other inclement weather, we can get there fast and provide reliable emergency roof repair. We offer emergency services, so you don’t have to wait until morning to get things fixed.   

Roof leak repair

Commercial roof leaks are often frustrating, especially when they occur in areas that are seen by your customers or clients. Our team offers quick and easy roof leak repair services in the Greater Toronto Area and can arrive at a time that is convenient for you.

Commercial vs. Residential Roofing

Commercial buildings and residential buildings have very little in common, and the same can be said for their roofs. We have specific training in commercial roofing to ensure that we meet each of the demands of your business’s roof, from inspections to repairs to replacements. 

Our commercial roofing services offer:

  • Regular maintenance and inspections: We want to make sure that your roof stays in good shape to prevent any damages that could cost your business money and decrease your employees’ productivity. That’s why we perform regular roofing inspections and maintenance services to ensure that your roof stays damage-free year after year. 
  • Flexible service schedules: We’ll work around your business’s schedule to provide services at a convenient time for you. 
  • Peace of mind: We want you to be able to focus on your business, not on the potential damage your roof could incur. Quality Roofers guarantees a low-stress, worry-free commercial roofing process, allowing you to be confident in the quality and durability of your roof. 

For our commercial clients, we know that time is money, so we always work quickly and efficiently throughout each roofing project.

Serving Many Types of Businesses

Quality Roofers offers commercial roofing services for many types of businesses throughout Toronto and the GTA. In the past, we have serviced:

  • Retail companies
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Parking garages
  • Churches
  • Hospitals

We know that each of these types of businesses has different roofing needs. For example, hospitals require high-quality, durable roofs to prevent storms and natural disasters from affecting the care that critical patients receive. 

Our roofing services are not one-size-fits-all. We’ll discuss your specific commercial roofing needs and tailor our services to fit your type of business best. If repairing your roof during the day would affect the flow of customers entering your building, we’ll come during the evening to ensure that our services do not hinder your business in any way. 

Contact Quality Roofers to hear more about how our commercial roofing services can help your business.


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Our happy customers

We love our customers but most importantly, we love to make our customers happy. There's nothing ore satisfying than a customers who love their new roof.

Thank you so much Top Roofing Contractors for the great service! The roof looks beautiful and the service was beyond our expectations.



Look no further! Very happy that I found this roofing company to repair metal work on our house that was in need of repair. Top quality work at a very reasonable price and I would strongly recommend anyone in GTA. You will not be disappointed!!!



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Efficient Repair & Replacement

If your business’s roof has received damage from intense weather or has endured typical wear and tear over the years, you can call us at Quality Roofers to fix the issue quickly and efficiently. We can complete many of our repairs in just one visit, and we keep our service trucks filled with all of the necessary tools and materials so that we won’t have to make multiple trips back to our building. 

When it’s time for your roof replacement, we’ll make the process as painless as possible. We’ll discard your current roofing materials and install a brand-new roof in just a few days, minimizing the noise and disruptions to your business during our visit.

The Best Materials for Your Company

We offer a wide range of roofing materials, and we’ll help you choose the material that is the most practical for your Toronto business. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs, which require a particular type of material to keep water from becoming stuck under the shingles. 

We’ll examine your existing material and determine whether we should use the same type of material for your new roof or whether we should replace it with one of our other options like:

  • EPDM
  • Gravel and bitumen
  • Asphalt
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • Metal
  • Green vegetation

If your business is looking for a classic material with quick installation, you may choose gravel and bitumen. If your company would like to emphasize sustainability, a green roof may be the right choice. If you live in an area of Toronto prone to harsh weather, a durable choice like metal may be best. 

We’re the commercial roofing experts, so we’ll help you choose the best roofing material for your company’s building.


How do i know when my business needs a new roof?

It can sometimes be hard to determine if you need an entire roof replacement or if merely repairing any damage would suffice. Although repairs can often take care of small issues, if your commercial roof requires frequent fixes to keep it working well, it may be time for a new roof. 

You can also keep an eye out for these signs that you need a new roof:

  • Intense water damage in the attic or upper floors of the building
  • Moisture and humidity seeping into the building through the roof
  • Several leaks throughout the building
  • Missing shingles throughout the roof
  • Sagging or unsupported roof structures

If your roof is more than 15 years old and if you have experienced any of the above problems, it may be time for a replacement. Our roofing experts will help you decide whether to repair or replace your current roof.

How long will my new roof last?

Your new roof will last for anywhere from 20 to 50 years, depending on the material we use. Asphalt tends to last about 20 years with proper installation, while metal roofs offer increased durability that allows them to last about 50 years. We always ensure proper installation of your new commercial roof so that it can stand up to decades of Toronto weather, along with regular wear and tear.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

Commercial roof replacements vary in price because of several factors, including the material used, the size and angles of the roof, the length of required labour, and the condition of your existing roof. We’ll also factor the cost of your desired warranty into the price.

After one of our roofing contractors performs an inspection of your roof, we will work with you to choose a roofing option that fits your budget.

What should I do if my roof has severe damages or leaks?

Our quality roofers offer emergency repair and replacement services, so you don’t have to worry about fixing your roof in the case of severe damage. You can call our company at all hours of the day to speak with a certified roofing contractor about the nature and severity of your damage. 

We’ll send our repair experts to your business as soon as possible to quickly fix the damage, allowing your business to get back to its normal operations in no time. The last thing companies want is long-term construction projects hindering employees and customers from entering the building, so we always work quietly and efficiently, minimizing any interruptions to your business. 

Our company offers unmatched commercial roofing services, and you can trust us to serve your business well. Call us today to schedule a free roof repair or replacement quote.

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